Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Lesvos - 2018

Lesvos - 2018

Here are a few shots from another great tour to the wonderful Greek island of Lesvos.

Sunrise Birding represents the very Best US based bird tour company visiting this magical island.

European Bee-eater is always a favourite to see

This Dalmatian Pelican gave us a great show

European Pond Terrapin the harder of the two island species to see

The endemic Lesvos Bush Cricket

An early Rosy Starling delighted many people

The fabulous Thread-winged Lacewing

Turkish Clubtail a rarely seen dragonfly on the island

The beautiful Komper's Orchids were out early this year

Cant wait to return again next year
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  1. The European Bee-eater is such a striking looking bird! I have never seen such stunning feathers before. Great photography! Thanks for the share, hope you had a fantastic weekend. Keep up the posts.

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