Monday, 5 March 2018

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SNOW LEOPARDS! Quest for the Gray Ghost (with easier homestay option)

February 25th - March 11th   2019

Just over 400 western people have ever seen this staggeringly beautiful creature in the wild and for many wildlife watchers this has become their "Holy Grail". Our chances of seeing Snow Leopards are quite high as the guides now know the habits and best places to look. We will also keep a look out for other mammals found in this part of the Himalayas such as Tibetan Wolf, Red Sheep, Lynx and Ladakh Urial. Amongst the birds we will search for Solitary Snipe, Ibisbill, White-winged Redstarts, Robin Accentor, Tibetan Snowfinch, Himalayan Snowcock and possibly Indian Eagle Owl. If seeing Snow Leopards is on your life-time bucket list then join the very best team on our quest to see the "Gray Ghost". Please note we have a homestay option for this tour which is a more comfortable than camping which we offer as well.
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Snow Leopard. Photo by Bikram Grewal.

COLOMBIA - MITU! With Colombia's No1 guide Diego Calderon

March 21st - 30th  2019            

The diverse biodiversity of Mitu holds a great variety of species amongst habitats such as Terra Firme, White Sands, Varzea and Riparian Forests. Many Amazon  and Guianan Shield specialities can be found here and sheer variety and quality of the species on offer is astounding. For those that have been to Colombia before or for those wanting to experience somewhere new then our Mitu itinerary is a must. Add to this a few days before and afterwards looking for some very special birds this is a trip not to miss.  
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Golden-bellied Starfrontlet. Photo by Fabio Arias.

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