Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mammals of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

So Yellowstone is famous for its geological wonders. It sits on a super volcano and has more than 300 active geysers spilling out hot water, steam and boiling mud. We of course visited many of these fascinating places including the most famous geyser of them all "Old Faithful" which we watched as it blasted a plume of hot water and steam 125ft into the air. Our main interest however was seeing the parks fascinating wildlife and over the days we were in the park this did not disappoint.
Most famous of all are the herds of Bison and the packs of Wolves. We watched 7 wolf cubs at a den and an adult black Wolf on a kill, but all a bit far away for photographs, although I might have some video? Bison were everywhere and many had calves making it a wonderful experience.
Bison with calf
An here is a typical big old Bison
The next big mammals of Yellowstone are the bears and we saw many including Grizzly Bears with cubs always too far away for photos but great in the scope. Then the
Black Bears again with playful cubs up to all sorts of antics.

Black Bear with two crazy cubs

And another Black Bear which is brown and known as a cinnamon bear
We probably saw about 10 Black and 10 Grizzly Bears
Other mammals included a few Big Horn Sheep which must be getting rarer as park officials wanted sighting coordinates. We saw about 10 of these as well.
Big Horn Sheep
Mule Deer were seen in good numbers - look at their large ears!
 We also got see plenty of Elk and Pronghorn and White-tailed Deer
This Elk had small Antlers
Herd of Elk fleeing from a Wolf or Bear? We couldn't see the predator.

WE saw about three or four Moose during our travels.
This one and a couple feeding in the snow.

A few Red Squirrels were seen during the trip.

A Muskrat sat on the shore of Yellowstone Lake

A few Red Foxes were seen well

And Yellow-bellied Marmots were out in force.

Here are some very distant videos taken through my iphone6
First one is a Bison Herd seeing off a Black Wolf
Lone Black Wolf

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  1. Beautiful pictures!. That experience more beautiful and interesting to visit those precious national parks and be able to enjoy long nature. Congratulations and great job!.