Monday, 28 March 2016

Quest for the Snow Leopard - part 3

Moving on from Leh we headed 90 kilometres to the Ullay Valley where this time we gave up the tents for a couple nights in a homestay. This is staying in the house of one of the villagers, where you have a room with mattresses and if you are lucky a hot wood burning fire in the middle of the room. Our homestay was set all by itself way up in the mountains amongst some very impressive scenery. Not content to go back to curry after such good food camping, we took our cooks and crew with us and they happily made more wonderful meals for us!
Ullay Valley seen from the ridge beside our Homestay
We were treated many views of Himalayan Ibex and would you believe it Gina goes and spots another Snow Leopard looking down at us from the mountain ridge above our homestay. Our guides alerted other people staying in other nearby homestays and we could see them all with scopes trained towards our Snow Leopard although they were 3x further away than us. Would you believe that one of the other guides even claimed finding this Leopard himself after we had told him. Have a little respect for the real finders please! 
Another shot taken with my iPhone through the scope. The Snow Leopards head in the middle as it sat on the ridge. It was fabulous views through the scope!
We had to share our homestay with a Yak or two as you would expect.
Finally after a wonderful stay with a lovely welcoming family it was time to depart and head back to Leh before flying back to Delhi and the start of another adventure -
The search for Asiatic Lions of Gir National Park - next post

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