Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Endemics tour of Sri Lanka

Our first few days were spent in and around Kitulgala where we targeted 17 of the 34 know endemic birds of Sri Lanka. By the end of our 3 day stay we had indeed seen all 17.
Brown-headed Barbet is a common species seen most days of our tour

Other regular birds seen many times included Tickell;s Blue Flycatcher
 And one of our first endemics and a bird we saw probably 10 times was the fabulous Spot-winged Thrush.

Another attractive species we saw on numerous occasions was the Black-rumped Flameback
 One of the commoner birds throughout the trip and often seen in little gangs were the Yellow-billed Babblers
The good looking Emerald Dove was easy to see and we also saw plenty of Orange Minivets
It was then time to move on to the famous Sinhiraja which I will add some photos from tomorrow.

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