Thursday, 11 February 2016

Sri Lanka more than just the Birds!

The fantastic island of Sri Lanka holds far more than the birds I've been showing over the last few posts. Great reptiles, butterflies, mammals and of particular interest to me the dragonflies, especially as I am running a speciality dragonfly tour to Sri Lanka in November through Zoothera Birding,
Just look at these which are a few of the 26 species we recorded.
Green's Gem a real nice one near Sinharaja
One of the best Damselflies we saw this is a Painted Waxtail
Variegated Flutterers were rather common along one river near Marissa
A male Oriental Green-wing near our lodge in Sinharaja
We saw quite a few Yellow Waxtails
Spine-tufted Skimmers were seen a few times
This is a male Shining Gossamerwing
Asian Pintail was also seen in a few areas
This Indian Duskhawker was first found inside our hotel!
Very nice looking Orange-winged Groundling
Oriental Scarlet found near the coast
We saw lots of Pied Parasols including this male
This is a male Sombre Lieutenant!
Green Skimmers were fairly common
In the small watery ditches you can find these Dawn Bluetails
Spine-legged Redbolt male
So as you can see plenty of really nice Dragonflies.

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