Wednesday, 13 January 2016

More Dominican Republic

So myself and Gina have now completed our recce of this wonderful Caribbean Island seeing just about everything possible including super rare and endangered species such as Bay-breasted Cuckoo, Ashy-faced Owl, Hispaniolan Palm Crow, Golden Swallow, 3 White-fronted Quail-Doves the list just goes on. We have discovered a brand new lodge in prime habitat for Bay-breasted Cuckoo and even saw one while watching from the balcony. A fantastic boat trip showed us plenty of waterbirds and the strange looking Rhinoceros Iguana, while another trip through the mangroves to some ancient caves with indigenous paintings was really interesting and also allowed fantastic close views of terns, herons, pelicans and frigatebirds.
Hispaniolan Lizard cuckoo sunning itself from the breakfast table at the fabulous Cano Hondo
This was another Ridgway's Hawk seen nearby the lodge at Cano Hondo, it's absolutely imperative that you use a local guide to see this species. By paying the local guides you are helping in the preservation of this critically endangered bird. Do not be a selfish birder, do the right thing and use the guide as this is vitally important for all. 
The strange and localised Rhinoceros Iguana - no-one else looks for these fabulous reptiles except us so check out our 2017 tour to the Dominican Republic
Hispaniolan Oriole around Kate's Camp
Flat-billed Vireo - excellent views of several birds
Greater Antillean Bullfinch in a fruiting tree
The hard to see endemic Ashy-faced Owl performed right on time at 7pm
We had fabulous looks at Flamingos from our boat trip, and we also saw White-crowned Pigeons, Peregrine and an assortment of shorebirds and herons
A group of Hispaniolan Palm Crows were found and showed well
We had super close views of several Green-tailed Warblers
Some nice looks at Antillean Piculet around our lodge
The local endemic race of Pine Warbler was easy to spot in the highlands
This Yellow Warbler was also of the resident endemic race
Stolid Flycatchers were easily detectable by their distinctive call
Possibly the second smallest bird in the world this Vervain Hummingbird came to feed on the flowers at Kate's Camp
So if your interested in an 8 day winter getaway to a Caribbean Island where around 30 endemic birds are possible as well as plenty of butterflies, and other forms of wildlife then we have developed what is without doubt the best available tour to this wonderful island.
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