Friday, 8 January 2016

Dominican Republic 2

This morning we visited the Botanical Gardens in Santa Domingo. There were plenty of wintering North American warblers including a nice Yellow-throated, Cape May, Ovenbirds, Parula and Black-and-white. A walk along a stream found us several groups of West Indian Whistling-Ducks, Limpkin and Least Grebe, while Hispaniolan Woodpecker was common.
                                                             Yellow-throated Warbler
                                                              Hispaniolan Woodpecker
                                                         West Indian Whistling-Duck
Moving on from Santo Domingo we headed up into the mountains and Sierra de Bahoruco. We stayed at Kate Wallace's camp which allowed us close access to this superb area full of endemics. A quick walk on the trails near camp found us White-fronted Quail-Dove. But the main reason for staying here became evident when we left camp at 4.00am the next morning and drove 2hrs up a bumpy track until we reached the top of the forested mountain. Here we immediately found the rare La Selle's Thrush hoping along the track with a Bicknell's Thrush. Further along we enjoyed super views of Golden Swallows, Green-tailed Warblers and White-winged Warblers, both of the latter have changed their names? the rarer Narrow-billed Tody was easily seen up here and we soon found several Hispaniolan Trogons and a pair of Hispaniolan Amazons.
Narrow-billed Tody
Hispaniolan Trogon
Hispaniolan Amazon
We seemed to have skipped breakfast as there were too many good birds to see, A flock of 8 Hispaniolan Crossbills showed well as dids Antillean Siskin, Hispaniolan Pewee and Hispaniolan Spindalis. Hispaniolan Emeralds showed off right in front of us before we had to have a late picnic brunch and head back down the mountain to Kate's Camp.
Hispaniolan Emerald
More from the camp tomorrow!

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