Saturday, 5 December 2015

More birding in Rhode Island and Cape Cod

So November in New England is the time for vagrants and rarities.
With our last weekend available to go birding we headed for the Cape!
Our first stop was Beavertail State Park in Rhode Island. The weather was beautiful, a clear blue sky and no wind. Stopping beside the car park a flock of 10 Snow Buntings flew in and perched nicely on some nearby rocks. 
Moving around to the rocky shore we soon found groups of beautiful Harlequin Ducks numbering in all up to about 20 birds. A quick shuffle down to the rocks where a small group were feeding and we got really close superb views of both males and females feeding in the surf.
Leaving Rhode Island we headed north to Cape Cod. Our target here was too look for Northern Right Whales which can be seen from shore during the winter months. We were actually a month too early but looked anyway. At Race Point we found a Humpback Whale and watched it on and off for around an hour. There were plenty of seabirds flying past with many Kittiwakes, Bonaparte's Gulls, Razorbills, Great and Manx Shearwaters and a Pomarine Skua.
1st winter Bonaparte's Gull
Adult Bonaparte's Gull
We then twitched another flycatcher that was out of place, and soon found this Western Kingbird perched in trees with Eastern Bluebirds near a visitor centre.
We then went looking for a Bohemian Waxwing which by the time we got to the site had flown, but we were rewarded with up to 15 Yellow-rumped Warblers all busily feeding in the low scrub.
Well that was our brief couple of days birding before heading back to the UK.
Watch for my next blog in the beginning of January when we seek out the endemic birds of the Dominican Republic.

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