Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Colorado 'Chicken Run'

So our Colorado 'Chicken Run' has just begun. This trip is designed to look for 7 species of grouse which includes both Greater and Lesser Prairie Chickens. Myself and Gina arrived a day or so ahead of the group so as to get things organised and this also gave us a chance to drive into the mountains from Denver and check out a couple of sites in advance of the trip. This was highly successful and in Loveland Pass we found 3 superb White-tailed Ptarmigan. Lets hope they stay in the same area when the group visit in about 5 days time.
Damned hard trying to get exposure right on a white bird in snow!
Check Gina's videos by clicking the link below. She took these using her bridge camera Canon SX60.
Click the U-Tube Links below

Our first day of the trip saw us start at 4.00pm from Denver Airport and drove to Pueblo via a quick birding stop at 'The Gardens of the Gods.'. Along the way we saw plenty of Black-tailed Prairie Dogs and once here we soon found a bunch of White-throated Swifts, and nice scope views of a perched Prairie Falcon.
Just checking out the traffic!
One of the high speed White-throated Swifts.
End of First Day!


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