Thursday, 19 February 2015

Gone tracking in the Connecticut Snow!

So me and Gina went tracking in the snow today to see if we could find the Bobcat tracks she found recently. It was freezing cold but a good couple of hours we managed to find possibly 8 mammal species. Photographing them was difficult so tried to add a few contrasts and adjust the light a little to see if they stood out better.
This was one of the Bobcat tracks but really hard to see well in photo. It was very rounded and showed no claw mark. Much easier to see than photograph. Will try again to get better ones!

This was one of the Coyote tracks and there were lots! Note you can see the claw holes in front. 
More Coyote tracks but easier to see them on the compacted snow.
Lots of Coyote tracks on the other side of the stream led us to find the dead deer in the stream which it must be regularly feeding on. Tracks and scat all around.
This is one of many Gray Squirrel tracks throughout the forest.

Different set of Gray Squirrel tracks on different type of snow.
These are Eastern Cottontail tracks.
These tracks were from a Fisher that was bounding through the snow. They were probably 3 - 4 feet apart. We followed several lots of Fisher tracks.
We followed several of the Fisher tracks and eventually they led us to this Den under some logs and branches. Fresh tracks all around the entrance. You may be able to see some of the prints in top left of photo.
This was another entrance to the Fisher Den with more tracks all around the entrance
This was a set of Mouse tracks, probably White-footed Mouse? You can just see the tail marks dragging behind the feet.
This is a close up of the Mouse tracks which show the tail marks better.
This is a White-tailed Deer track showing two holes from the Dew Claw.
This last one is interesting and we think it must be a Weasel because of the size of the hole it came out of and the size of the tracks. There are two possibilities - Long-tailed Weasel and Short-tailed weasel. We will put a camera trap out in 2 weeks time after I return from California and try and get a few of the animals on film.

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  1. A great set of photos. Tracks in the snow have always been tough to photograph because of all the whiteness. Hope the storms quit soon back there.