Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Bargain Tour to see Mountain Gorillas and Shoebill

Well not too much been happening the last month or so! Well Xmas of course! Birding our big day on 2nd Jan in Devon managed a total of 95 species. Our record was 105 species last Jan.

UGANDA - Gorillas, Chimps, Shoebill & Green-breasted Pitta.

I have just arranged a superb bargain tour to Uganda to look for some very sought after species.
Always a very expensive destination this is probably the best value short trip you will ever come across, especially to get up close and personal with Mountain Gorillas.

                                   A fantastic encounter with a Silverback Mountain Gorilla

I got great photos of this prehistoric looking Shoebill from our boat in the swamps 
Check out this fantastic tour just £1895.00 click here Uganda Special for more details.
Also have a look at this video of a Silverback taken on a past trip