Saturday, 18 October 2014

Jaguar Day - 18th Oct

Today we had an early breakfast before setting off on our 6 hour morning boat trip in search of the magnificent Jaguar. We stopped along the way to get good looks at Black Skimmers, Large-billed Terns and Yellow-billed Terns on a small section of sandy shore. There was also Pied Lapwings and Collared Plovers there, and as we continued our search we were eventually rewarded with a jaguar sat on a bank under the foliage of a tree. Through the tree we could see his head and face and occasionally he moved around. Well that was nothing compared to what came next. We moved to another area nearby and had fantastic prolonged views of two male Jaguars swimming and walking along the river edge. Simply unbeatable! In the afternoon after enjoying the Hyacinth Macaws around the lodge we set off on our afternoon boat trip. We were very fortunate to this time find a female Jaguar which again showed well walking along the shore and swimming along the edge of the river. On our return we watched Band-tailed Nighthawks and both Greater and Lesser Fishing(Bulldog) Bats. So our day ended with sightings of 5 individual Jaguars.

                                                           One of our first male Jaguars

                                         This Sungrebe showed well on yesterdays boat trip
Giant River Otters also gave great views on yesterdays boat trip

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