Thursday, 9 October 2014

Brazil - The Pantanal 13th - 24th Oct 2014

Ok its about time I started a blog on my adventures around the World so here we go!

In a couple of days I will be off to vast wetlands of the Pantanal in Brazil leading a tour for Zoothera Birding .

This is probably my 6th or 7th trip here, I've lost count. But I have to say its a fantastic destination teeming with Wildlife and always a pleasure to lead.
Here are a couple of photos from my last tour here and of course we expect to see these again. You will have follow this blog and see how I get on.

            Agami Heron is probably one of the most beautiful of all herons - and look at that bill!!!

                                 One of everyone's favourites is the superb Hyacinth Macaw

                      The mighty Jaguar is going to be high on our list so wish us luck !!!!!!