Thursday, 16 October 2014

Boat Trip and Night Drive 15th Oct

Boat Trip on the Rio Claro
After a midday siesta or a spot of Dragonflying for some of us, we met up for our afternoon boat  trip on the Rio Claro. We set off and soon tallied up the Ringed, Amazon, Green, and later a very obliging American Pygmy Kingfisher. There were both Blue-throated and Red-throated Piping Guans, Turquoise-fronted Parrots, Pale-legged Hornero, Black-collared Hawk, a Cream-coloured Woodpecker, Toco Toucan and then a very elusive Sungrebe. A Neotropic Otter swam past, a pair of Black-capped Donacobius put on a great show, as did a male Great Antshrike. As we slowly returned towards a superb sunset, a Band-tailed Nighthawk flew in front of one of the boats. After dinner we went on  night drive in a large open topped jeep. Both Common and Great Potoo were spotlighted perched. We had a couple of Marsh Deer, a Brown Brocket Deer, a Tarantula, a superb Southern Tamandua right beside the jeep, and on our return we saw Crab-eating Fox briefly, Collared Pecary and finally Crab-eating Raccoon. Another great day and we are already up to 14 species of Mammal in 2 days!

                                                                     Night Drive

                                               Southern Tamandua - video by Gina Nichol

                              The quality of the video is much better if you do not go full frame

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